Hints and tips to help you fill in your application form


  • Don't miss out any questions, every question is relevant, explain in detail how your experience answers the question. No one-liners.

  • Don't include anything you can't back up at an interview, prove your experience with past examples.

  • Keep it tidy, only one style of handwriting and pen colour.

  • Read the question carefully and read it again after you have drafted your answer - have you covered all the points?

  • Don't include your CV unless you're specifically asked to, it's just doubling up on information.

  • Ask for a second opinion from a trusted friend or family member.



  • Send your completed application form in good time - do not leave it to the last minute!

  • By Post - make sure you have the correct postage, consider recorded delivery (For delivery prices and timescales click here).

  • By Email - request a confirmation email that pack has been received and can be opened successfully, consider converting to a PDF file.

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