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Guide for Hiring Managers

Within Riada's Hiring Manager Portal, you can review applications, arrange interviews, make offers and authorised timesheets.

How to login 

Here is the link to our Riada HM Portal

Riada will issue your login details to access the following portal 

Help - Login
Help - Authorising Timesheets

How to Authorise timesheets

Hiring Managers can submit and authorise the candidate timesheet.   

Candidates can submit their hours into the timesheet online, this timesheet will be sent to you for authorisation, rejection or amendment.  

Riada will provide guidance to candidates on how to enter hours in their timesheet.  

All timesheets must be authorised each week by Monday 10am.  

Timesheets can be authorised by accessing the Hiring Manager portal and using the menu on the left hand side, where you can select the Timesheets section.  

HM Portal - Timesheet icon.png


To access the timesheets, click either Authorised by Riada Resourcing, Authorised or Requires Authorisation.  


Tip - You can filter the timesheets using the search on the timesheet page. 

HM Portal - Timesheet Search.png

Timesheets that 'Requires Authorisation' - Identify the Week, Role and Candidate that you want to submit a timesheet for and click into the record.

If there is no Timesheet for the candidate, please call Riada on 02870326600. 

HM Portal - Timesheet empty.png
HM Portal - Timesheet authorise.png


If it is a Blank Timesheet, begin by entering the start time, breaks and end times for the shifts each day, the total hours will then auto-populate for you. You can also submit overtime hours, if applicable. 


A Submitted Timesheet,

  • To confirm hours submitted by the candidate, tick the box to authorise the timesheet and click Save Timesheet. 

  • To edit the timesheet, press the Edit Timesheet button and amendments, tick the box to authorise the timesheet and click Save Timesheet. 

  • To reject the timesheet, press the Reject Timesheet button, the candidate will be notified to make the amendments as soon as possible to enable authorisation. 


Tip - You can also record details of any expenses and upload files or scanned receipts if required. 


To submit the timesheet for approval, tick the box to confirm that you're happy to authorise the timesheet and click Save Timesheet. 

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