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Riada sponsor local Football team

Riada are delighted to sponsor training jerseys for Michelin Football Club, Ballymena.

The Riada team are individually involved in various amateur sports in Northern Ireland and encourages the team to enter charity fun runs too. Riada recognises that sports are important to a person's health to not only improve physical health but also contributes to good mental health.

Confidence and self-esteem not only impact sports performance, but also performance in school, career, family life and friendships. Also, as with all forms of exercise, the feel-good endorphins released into the body after a match are major stress and anxiety reducers. Several studies point to exercise as being a highly effective treatment for depression and anxiety says Health Fitness Revolution in Top 10 Health Benefits of Soccer/ Football for Men

“I follow local and international sports every weekend and I am delighted to be able to support our local clubs”. Frances Lundy, Director at Riada Resourcing

Leroy Kennedy, Riada Resourcing and player for Michelin Football Club, made the presentation on Saturday 17th October before their win over Randalstown 4-1!

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