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Frances Lundy Managing Director of Riada Resourcing

How did you start Riada Resourcing? In the early 90’s, I was offered a temporary job in a now large recruitment agency. Eight weeks later, one of the founders asked me would I be interested in setting up a branch in Coleraine. I jumped at the chance. By 2000, I was looking after 5 offices, was never off the road and expecting our fourth child. It was time for a change and get more local, Riada and Eve were born. Through the support of local companies our business took off and we are still here sixteen years later.

Where does your energy, positivity and motivation come from? I’ve always been competitive and always play to win. I thrive on people, business and sport. I have learned a lot from the people I do business with and I have made a lot of good business contacts but more importantly I have gained a lot of good friends. I lost my Dad when he was 50 and I was 19. His death was a pivotal point in my life, it got me focused. I was driven by not wanting to let him down, he too was a people’s person. I do my best to get the most out of every day and delighted to be over 50 and loving recruitment.

You left Northern Ireland at 18, what brought you back? I spent 8 years in London where I ran my own sandwich business. Then we moved to Australia for three years, which I loved, working as the assistant to the Financial Controller of Arthur Young. However my husband had other plans and convinced me to return to Coleraine. We have been back for over 25 years and it was a good decision. You really have to leave Northern Ireland to appreciate what we have here. I get great satisfaction from encouraging others to come back home with their experiences and develop their career here.

What does the future hold for you and Riada Resourcing? I was extremely proud of my team when we achieved Investors in People Gold award last year! It was recognition for what we believe in 'people'. At Riada we do a lot of work with high growth companies and we get to do what we do best, recruiting staff quickly to a very high standard.

Thankfully the companies we work with are growing and we constantly have to review and set clear goals as a team for the continued success of Riada. I believe the more you put in, the more you get back in life. I call it, paying it forward.

Finally, always employ people better than yourself, it's how I continue to learn.

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