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Run Riada Run

Run Mucker Run - Team Riada's challenge

On Saturday 30th April, Team Riada stepped into the sunshine and a lot of mud at Run Mucker Run in Ballymoney to raise vital funds for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.

What is a Mud Run like?

It involved a lap of a specially designed 5K course, complete with around 30 manmade and natural obstacles, challenging Team Riada to climb eight foot walls, crawl under netting and barbed wire all through the mud.

It was a gruelling test of strength, stamina and mental determination. The idea was to build on the existing team-work and camaraderie amongst the team.

Sporting our personalised t-shirts and with limited training by the team, each team member played their part.

Running with an ankle injury from Wednesday night football, Eoghan almost joined another (faster) team, but came back to our rescue at the tall walls as Annita faced her fear of heights.

Luke was his competitive self, racing to the front of the team and keeping Gary on his toes.

Ciara kept the team tactically informed with her experiences from a few previous years at Run Mucker Run.

Arlene had difficulty keeping on her feet, while Lisa made sure no one got left behind and that our photographer was on point.

The Team pulled together when we were literally stuck in the mud, thigh deep and losing a shoe or two.

See videos at the end of this blog...

And look through even more photos on our Facebook Page...

Why do a mud Run?

For fun and to encourage team-work and camaraderie among the team but more importantly fundraising for cancer research!

We are helping raise cash for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland which is a local cancer charity that provides a wide range of services for Northern Ireland cancer patients and their families. The charity also funds major research and carries out cancer prevention schemes in workplaces, schools and at community venues.

For more information on Cancer Focus NI please visit the website on www.cancerfocusni.org or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

And sponsor us by donating on our secure Just Giving page

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