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Riada Specialist Profile

Gary Thompson

Recruitment Specialist in Engineering & Industrial

Why did you choose recruitment as a career? My first summer job was with Riada as a temp, I loved the buzz about the company and always thought I could be on the other side of the business. I spent a few years in the insurance industry before I got a chance to go back. I joined Riada 6 years ago as a new recruit to the industry, I instantly got a buzz out of connecting the right person with the right role and now I manage Riada Engineering and the Permanent Sales Division within the business. I thrive when I am given the freedom to develop my ideas and I’m determined to keep Riada at the very top of the recruitment industry.

What gives you job satisfaction? Starting the engineering division in 2013 and pay-rolling a peak of 200 full time employees throughout 16 separate clients. People are our product and they are so unpredictable so to achieve this in a short space of time was very satisfying. What do you wish other people knew about Riada? I think for our existing clients it's clear but I wish everyone could see the passion that goes on behind the scenes and the teamwork to drive for excellence. We are a diverse and energetic team and we literally don’t rest until we have a post filled with the right fit for the client and the candidate

Why do you think Riada Resourcing is growing so fast? We are finding that businesses need to focus on the growth of their own companies to stay competitive in what is still a tough market for most and they come to us for a solution. They choose to leave recruitment to the specialists who can deliver high calibre candidates. It really is that simple, I have worked hard to develop a large network of high calibre, experienced and available talent in the Engineering sector to keep my clients happy.

What has been your biggest challenge? I recently completed CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management and am now a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). It has been a number of years since I left university so it was a challenge to focus back on coursework and the final report. However my recommendations have already been implemented in Riada, the restructure on its own has enabled the team to streamline processes, be more focused, satisfy more clients and candidates, and generally increase productivity. The instant measurable results we have seen made all the hard work even more worthwhile.

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