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Engineers are scarce... Fact or Fiction?

Are engineering jobs in demand?

The number of graduates Northern Ireland exports every year and the general skill shortage always make good headlines, but we’re now starting to see an increasing number of registrations from experienced professionals wanting to return home to enjoy the NI lifestyle and use their experience to contribute to the growth of the economy.

The work/life balance, competitive house prices and excellent education system is enticing young professionals back home to start the next stage of their career often in a home grown indigenous business that’s now enjoying strong growth.

The skills gap is a particular issue in the engineering recruitment sector today. Companies are finding they need to work harder to find engineers. Engineering as a sector is crucial to the growth of the economy and generated £455.6 billion GDP for the UK, employment has grown by 1.8% to over 5.5 million and the engineering sector now supports 14.5 million jobs or 55% of UK employment.

Riada Resourcing has started to do things in a different way in order to better engage with their audience and attract the best talent, resulting in a 155% increase in Engineering vacancies and an 800% increase in the number Engineering candidates placed compared to the previous year. So if you know someone who is thinking of making a move or you need more engineering talent for your growing business get in touch with our Engineering Specialist, Gary Thompson on 028 7032 6600 or email Gary@riadaresourcing.com

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