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5 Great Reasons to get a Job as a Waiter

The Hospitality industry... A job for life. Not just for summer!

At Riada we spend lots of time explaining to candidates why a job as a waiter or waitress is a great first job and how often it can become a brilliant career that delivers a really flexible lifestyle and pays well.

While the Riada team were chatting through the virtues of working in hospitality we found a story about Max… Max had a confession to make, “I’m a waiter, I enjoy my job and no, I'm not stupid”. We have a few people like Max we want to tell you about along with 5 great reasons to consider getting into hospitality.

Free food and drink

At busy times at the weekends the shifts are often long, it wouldn’t be unusual to work 12 hours on the trot. This obligates the employer to give you breaks and often like in Sinead’s case who works in a local hotel, she rarely has to fork out for lunch while at work as her employers give her free food.

Generous Pay and Tips

Being a waiter or a waitress, is generally perceived as a minimum wage low paid job. Over the last 10 years this has changed hugely with employers realising the value of great staff that remember their customers names, events and what they like to eat or drink, this in turn keeps customers coming back for more. Often including tips, even a junior waiter in a small restaurant could be earning over £20k per year and senior staff earning over £30k.

Career Prospects

Thana is a great example of someone who has made a career and in fact started her own business. Starting in a temporary position with Riada 11 years ago and decided that hospitality was the career for her. She now runs her own thriving Thai & Vietnamese street food business in Coleraine, Whoosh. One of our clients has admitted to having Whoosh Wednesdays! How great is that!

It’s a Lifestyle choice

The first objection we hear is “but I can't work all weekends” but for the people that love hospitality it is just a lifestyle choice. Who doesn’t love having Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off and still see people and have a social weekend. There is often a free team drink after the long shift too, it’s the perfect way to meet new friends.

Be part of the local Tourism boom

No one could help but notice that the Causeway Coast has hugh events every year, including the Airshow, Raft Race, North West 200, and also have The Open to look forward to. And of course we can't forget Game of Thrones. This has led to a boom in tourism, visitor numbers are up and new coffee shops, restaurants and hotels are opening every year.

So if you would like to be like Thana, Sinead or Max and find a job that is well paid, flexible and social, get in touch with Riada.

If you want to read more about Max and his confession, here is the link. And also if you want to see the Whoosh specials.

- Team Riada -

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