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Riada gets Fit for Business

Corporate Wellness Programme announced for Team Riada

Our focus to deliver more than people does not stop with our recruitment service. Riada Resourcing believe that a Healthy Workforce can increase productivity in the workplace.

Riada truly believe that energy is not only crucial to the way we feel and our ability to get things done but it plays an important role in the way we think, our relationships and how we manage daily challenges and stresses.

A healthy immune system is an energised one that protects us from colds and flu and reduces our risk of degenerative disease. Energy renewal, through lifestyle habits, is crucial for building stamina and longevity for individuals.

After all a sluggish and exhausted team of employees is an organisation’s worst nightmare; low motivation, low productivity and toxic behaviours amongst staff will all impact on the bottom line.

Following on from our success of our reduced Core Gym membership scheme for our Riada Workers, Riada has extended the scheme for Team Riada! Core Gym has designed a training and wellness programme available to Riada employees.

You will see members of Team Riada in the gym before a day's work and we have noticed the difference already - an increase in our positivity, profits and appetites!

For more information how your business can introduce a Healthy Workforce scheme, read our blogs What are the Benefits of a Healthy Workforce for Employers and How Employers can encourage a Healthy Workforce.

- Team Riada -

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