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Mary’s Story, Part Time Working Mum

How Riada can work for you...

After dropping of the kids at school I was heading home and I couldn’t help thinking that I could be heading off to work for a couple of hours making some extra money and getting myself out of the house….

Pre babies and bottles, I used to work in a fast paced restaurant meeting new people and enjoying the buzz. Now my two kids are at school, I’ve found that for the first time in years I have some spare time! (WOW)

Being a single mum I found it hard to afford childcare support which meant it was impossible for me to work when they were small. Being at home all day on your own can be lonely. I decided I wanted to get out of the house and meet people and have a proper adult conversations (there is only so much peppa pig a woman can take).

I realised I needed to build my confidence as it has been 7 years since I worked. I also wanted to show my children that it is important to work, but I needed a job that was flexible and would allow me to still pick up the kids from school. I wasn't sure if this type of job existed and I knew balancing the kids and work could be a juggling act but I wanted to try.

I saw a ‘Top up your hours’ work part time post, on Riada’s Facebook page. I gave them a call and spoke with Sylvia the hospitality consultant. She asked me to come in for a meeting to discuss my options. The next morning I dropped the kids off to school and called into the Riada office in Coleraine. I was nervous but Sylvia was really kind. She listened to my needs and understood my need for flexible hours.

Sylvia called the following day to offer me a 4 hour shift the next week. It might not sound much to you but it was a great start. I now work 16 hours per week in a cafe kitchen with the option to pick up a few extra shifts. I love interacting with people and the busy atmosphere of the cafe the days of sitting in the house on my own are long gone. And the best bit of all is I still pick the kids up after school every day.

Good Luck!


Riada’s Advice to Working Mums

  1. Invest in yourself - It is well known that having kids is a life changing event and going back to work isn’t right for everyone but if it is right for you we can help you make it work.

  2. Know the hours you work - Make sure that you and everyone who needs to know is clear about the hours you work and they have your phone number just incase.

  3. Be Prepared - We understand having kids can be a handful so when going back to work try to organise yourself to keep you on track. The mums at Riada swear by making packed lunches the night before.

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