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5 Tips to help your Staff Thrive

Employees can be your best assets!

We often expect a lot from our employees. As employers we naturally want to look after our employees, make sure they are happy and to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. At Riada, a number of years ago we chose the Investors in People quality mark to help us with this. Our team has thrived through the learning we have gained and here is some of our top tips ...

Check out these 5 tips to help your employees thrive...

1. The right culture - When organisations get their culture right, take the wellbeing of their staff seriously and actively encourage people to keep a healthy balance, they can deal with whatever comes their way and stay clear of the stress zone. At Riada we take our culture seriously we promote a focused, friendly and open culture where everyone is equal and valued.

2. Leadership - Organisational culture is underpinned by great leadership. Managers need key skills to maximise their own, and others people's performance. Delegation of tasks with clear expectations allows for a fair distribution of work. Develop staff so they have the skills to effectively perform in their role.

3. Communication and feedback - can enable people to develop, learn from mistakes and have clear strategies and skills for moving forward. Listen to staff, encourage and praise them. Empowering others is no longer just a buzzword. Empowered employees are good for business.

4. Fling The Door Wide Open On Information - Not sharing information is the most disempowering thing you can do. A study by George Mason University showed that, apart from interesting work and appreciation for work well done, a feeling of being "in on things" tops the list of what many employees want. Sharing information ensures that everyone on the team understands the critical issues and essential tasks required for success. Don't wait for the monthly meeting to let people know what's happening.

5. Consistency - Flip-flopping might be acceptable in the political arena, but in the workplace, consistency is the key. Ever-changing work expectations, contradictory business decisions and erratic management can make you feel like you're walking on unstable ground every time you walk in the door. Consistency helps employees feel secure about their work responsibilities and workplace demands.

When you get your culture right and underpin it with the right policies and leadership, your employees can thrive. And that is also the right environment for organisations to flourish and thrive too. It’s a win win!

Riada Resourcing can help… Use our skills and knowledge in your business. Contact Riada to find out more about our HR Staffing Consultancy.

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