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Run Riada Run 2018 - Accomplished

Run Mucker Run - Team Riada's challenge

Last Saturday the sun was bright and our spirits were high, 19 Riada employees geared up in their yellow t-shirts and headbands for this years Run Mucker Run. Tip-toeing in the mud for a quick warm up and stretch, the starter gun was fired and off we went.

Jill #1, Luke and Richard showed their competitive streak and finished the course in good time.

Frances and Gary athletically somersaulted the barriers.

Mairead and Owen tried everything at least once before asking for help.

Charlotte and Eibhlin went first to test every obstacle.

Arlene and Laura had no problem climbing high and skipped quickly over to the other side (usually with splash).

Jill L and Shannon torpedoed fast down the water slide.

Sylvia and Lesley kept beating the mud pits.

Heather and Sharon going head first, giving it their all, now are a little sore with impressive injuries to show for their effort - get well soon girls.

And last but not least, Jill C and Annita gave a helpful hand or two along the way.

It was a day to remember! Check out the photos and videos below...

We are so proud of everyone's efforts on the day, working together as a team, helping each other overcome their obstacles and using our strengths to get over (and under) every hurdle that came our way!

We can safely say we are all sore from Saturday and still trying the get those t-shirts back to their original yellow but we are all buzzing to be back safe at our desks doing what we do best… Recruitment!

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