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Tourism In Northern Ireland Booming

Recent figures are indicative of a cultural shift in our society wanting employment opportunities closer to home in order to experience what our province has to offer...

Tourism Ireland wants to grow overseas tourism revenue to £658 million according to a new 3 year plan announced. Over the next 3 years the number of visitors visitors expected to visit Northern Ireland will increase to 2.57 million. The exciting news highlights that Tourism Ireland is targeting an 15% growth in overseas revenue for the north of Ireland, after a hugely successful 2018/19 where the province saw a 3% increase in visitors compared to the previous year.

Revenue generated by international visitors is expected to be £570 million pounds, helping to sustain 65,000 jobs across Northern Ireland and generate new employment opportunities for our indigenous population returning to our shores and wanting to take advantage of the work and lifestyle opportunities Northern Ireland now has to offer. Belfast and Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast were rated world’s best region to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet, and the positive press around visiting the country is having a huge impact on not only the profile of the region but on people’s priorities in their working lives.

Lifestyle for many of us is becoming more and more of a deciding factor when applying for work or influencing a career change in order to achieve a more balanced work life ratio. Millennial's are prioritising work life balance over job security when applying for roles, a new study by YouGov confirms. Young people are now considering how their profession will impact their personal life before deciding on a company to work for and salaries involved, indicative of the increase in professional job opportunities Riada noticed across 2019 in our smaller towns and cities.

With Northern Ireland becoming a tourist hotspot it is no surprise our Riada database is growing with highly skilled, experienced candidates wanting to secure employment closer to home in order to have time to experience what our province has to offer. We are working in partnership with many local companies keen to recruit across the North Coast, Antrim and Mid Ulster areas so 2020 is the right time to be looking for a role that offers you a good balance in life.


Are you wanting a better lifestyle? Would you like to commute less and enjoy the benefits of a professional working life closer to home?

We specialise in accountancy and finance, admin, office, engineering, production, manufacturing & IT job vacancies so give us a call on 028 7032 6600 or send us an email to to find out more about opportunities available in your local area...

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