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Cathy's Story - "Temporary jobs work for me"

Have you considered making a career of Temporary roles? Could you embrace flexibility and freedom?

In 2014, Cathy arrived back in Northern Ireland after deciding to travel the long journey home from New Zealand! She was keen to start employment immediately and reached out to Riada when she arrived home to make her job search easier. Cathy was initially placed as a receptionist in Coleraine and got on extremely well, eventually being asked to extend her temporary assignment until June of 2015.

Cathy thrives on change, loves meeting new people and went on to secure an exciting position in Belfast for 2 years. Wanting employment slightly closer to home she got in contact with Riada again in 2017. After successfully completing 3 more long term placements, Cathy is currently working as a part time receptionist in Coleraine.

We build great working relationships with our candidates and clients and every time Cathy placed her trust in the Riada partnership that has been going strong for nearly 5 years now...

“I joined Riada in 2014 after returning to Northern Ireland from New Zealand, intending it to be a stopgap until I found full-time employment. Now, four years on, I'm still here and more than happy to be so! I enjoy the variety that goes along with working for Riada. No two placements are ever the same. The team puts thought into whether the 'fit' is right, with the result that I have loved each and every workplace I've been. The cultures and working practices change from one organisation to the next and I enjoy the challenge that presents.

I know too that Riada is held in high regard by employers, having been told several times that the quality of service provided is head and shoulders above other agencies.

I stopped looking for a permanent position after my second placement with Riada ... as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Thanks for all your help Riada team! Cathy"

3 Reasons why you should consider temporary work like Cathy...

  1. Temporary work offers great flexibility and opportunities to learn new skills and experience different cultures and working practices.

  2. Just like your permanent colleagues, you are entitled to benefits like holiday allowance and regular pay and will be given the same quality of working conditions.

  3. A foot in the door and can lead to a permanent position particularly if you prove yourself to be invaluable to the company.


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