• Annita McCullagh

Where have all the chefs gone?

Are you in the Hospitality industry?

Have you noticed a shortage in Chefs & Cooks?

Have you met Sylvia yet? Now if you don't know Sylvia already, then you probably haven't been around the Northern Ireland Hospitality scene for long!

Riada Hospitality Sylvia Tumelty

Sylvia has a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry and knows a lot of chefs. Whilst at Riada, Sylvia has spent a lot of time matching the right hospitality professionals to the right businesses, providing a long term solution not a quick fix. Riada builds relationships with our clients and understands that chefs hopping from one kitchen to another, particularly during the busy season, isn't good for any business.

As our Hospitality Recruitment Specialist, Sylvia has been out and about speaking to hotels and restaurants, there is the one thing that everyone is asking… Where have all the chefs gone?

We have come up with a creative solution to this question. Stay tuned or get in touch with Sylvia on 028 7032 6600 or email sylvia@riadaresourcing.com.

- Team Riada -

Do you know where all the chefs have gone?

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