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Davy's Story - School Leaver

How Riada can work for you!

Help! I need a job... but I don't have experience.

Your school days are the best days of your life or so they say...

School for me was fun and for carrying on with your mates. The learning part of school I wasn’t so keen on. It didn't really work for me so not surprising I suppose, I left without any exams. I tried tech for a couple of years and it wasn't really for me either. I thought I would just be able to get a job, but it was harder than I thought. I was 22 years old with no exams, no work experience and I was doing nothing but wanted to become more independent.

I saw on Facebook that Riada was at a job fair and decided to go along. I wasn’t sure how a recruitment agency worked. I thought I had to pay them to find me a job but you don’t have to pay a thing it’s completely free! I explained to them my situation I was keen to work but was finding it difficult to get my foot in the door.

The Riada team were helpful and friendly. They were impressed with my willingness to work and recognised that I had a get up and go attitude. They helped me get a trial in a local engineering company. The trail was 5 months ago and now I am working as a full time employee. I’ve been trained up on the machines and I am going to get my forklift licence, it honestly has changed my life.

Thanks to Riada I have a full time job with money coming in every week and I am able to go away on holiday with my girlfriend this year.

Good Luck


Riada’s advice to the inexperienced candidate...

  1. No work experience - No problem! Volunteering opportunities are always available go and speak with your local charity shops.

  2. Get out there - Attend job fairs and recruitment events and speak with employers. If you have met someone in person they are more likely to remember you for future positions.

  3. Use your resources - Take advantage of apprenticeships, work placements and work experience. Contact your careers department or Riada if you are struggling to secure one. Drop into our office either in Coleraine or Ballymena.

Riada - We Listen - We Search - We Deliver

Riada has an extensive network of clients and specialist consultants to match candidates to the best possible position. It worked for Davy it can work for you. Take the next step to finding employment and contact Riada!

Give us a call for a chat on 028 7032 6600, send in your CV to admin@riadaresourcing.com or you can register online. Like us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on job opportunities and news!

- Team Riada -

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