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Would you ever hire using a Recruitment Agency?

The number of recruitment agencies in the UK is growing.

Does this fact surprise you?

We did some research and it’s true. More and more companies are realising the benefits of using recruitment agencies.

Very few companies are constantly recruiting and HR Managers are choosing to outsource their recruitment campaigns to agencies for cost and efficiency reasons.

Here’s 5 recruitment myths busted...

“Recruitment Agencies are expensive”

It seems we are increasingly living in a DIY economy with apps, websites and tools for everything. Recruitment is all about people. We spend time developing an talent pool so when you need someone to join your team, Riada will have the right someone available for you. Think of recruitments agencies as a travel agent for talent. You need help searching for your dream holiday. You tell them when you want to go, what you want to and the budget you have to do it and the travel agent will sort the rest. With recruitment agencies you tell us the type of person you want, when you want them, what you want them to do and what you budget it and Riada sorts the rest. Everyone know a holiday booked with a travel agency will cost you more than a DIY holiday. But you can trust them to deliver a great holiday and help you out if anything goes wrong. The same is true for engaging with recruitment agencies.

"I can do it myself"

Like a DIY holiday, you could recruit candidates yourself, but have you ever wondered why even enterprises with huge HR departments work with recruiting agencies? You can get tunnel vision, you have the same network or group of people, and it takes a lot of time to recruit. By using Riada you increase your network, variety and quality of candidates.

"They waste too much of my time"

Instead of you advertising roles, short listing candidates and interviewing with no guarantee of success Riada does this for you. This means you only pay us when we have found you the perfect candidate for your business. So Riada will save you time to let you do what you do best!

We do what we do so you can get on with your own job.

"They just send CVs and expect us to do the work"

Sadly even we hear stories of agencies that simply send out random CVs often without the candidates knowledge.

Riada will spend time looking for candidates who fit your requirements. We meet everyone before sending their CV to you. There's a robust process in place and Riada pride ourselves on our service. Riada will save you time and money. They'll put you in touch with people who are a good fit for your vacancy. Not only can we recruit for you, we can become your recruitment partner.

“They don’t specialise in my industry”

Riada has several departments including Riada Office, Riada Industrial, Riada Professionals, Riada Engineering, Riada Hospitality and Riada Tourism.

Within Riada we search for talent specific to your requirements. Our variety of 22 staff including specialised consultants, admin staff and payroll officers means there isn’t much we don’t know!

Our Recruitment Specialist, Sylvia Tumelty comments...

“Coming from a background of where I would never use a recruitment agency to now working for one... I wish I had taken the time to find out more. Regardless of the size and type of your business, you can adjust the amount of staff to suit your business needs, to cover short or long term sickness, holiday periods or seasonal increases. Riada can take the hassle out of recruiting. No time consuming searches through 100's of CVs; No writing Job descriptions; No receiving phone calls, emails and endless interviews; No expensive advertising campaigns.

You tell us want your needs are and we provide a suitable candidate on a permanent or temporary basis. It's worth taking the time to find out what we are about.”

Have you any more myths you would like to get ironed out?

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- Team Riada -

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