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Jessica's Story - "You changed my life"

Riada are with you every step of the way opening up a world of new job opportunities...

"To Shannon & Nyree,

Thank you so much for everything and believing in me! You have changed my life!


Jessica initially registered back in 2006 when she was student looking for summer work. Since then she has graduated and gained experience in a number of office based roles whilst maintaining regular contact with the Riada team.

In 2017 Jessica reached out to Nyree, our Riada Office Business Manager to discuss her next move. Nyree got to know Jessica and what her ideal working location, type of employment & working routine might be.

The Riada team sourced Jessica a temporary placement as a HR Administrator and quickly secured her an interview. We always ensure that our candidates are prepared for any meeting or interview with our clients. We like to prepare our candidates for interview and advise of any additional relevant information that might be required. We also like to iron out any last minute uncertainties and speak to them afterwards to see how the interview went. Jessica flew through her interview.

Six months down the line and Nyree was delighted to confirm with Jessica that her temporary HR Administrator role was being made a permanent one.

A win win.


Jessica's story outlines the benefits of staying in touch with Riada throughout your career, even if it's just an update of where you working now, how you are getting on or discuss to your future plans. It's always worth a chat. Give us a call 028 7032 6600 or send us an email to

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