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Jill’s Story - An undergraduate needing part time work

How Riada can work for you...

"Just apply for anything. I’m sure to get something. I really want a job! But, I’m only available for certain dates! No one will want me then? Am I good enough? Are there any jobs out there? I’ll just keep trying anyway." This was the conversation I had had with myself in June when searching for a job. Sound familiar?

I had sent my CV to all the recruitment agencies that Google suggested, that is what you are supposed to do, isn’t it? I was looking for administrative roles and applied online for some roles that I thought might suit me. Shortly afterwards I got a phone call from Nyree at Riada. She had noticed I had applied for a couple of the jobs they had advertised on Riada’s website RiadaResourcing.com and on their Facebook page. I remember it very well because at the time I was walking around Ikea! We had a conversation about my experience, my university studies and qualifications. She invited me in to meet with her at Riada’s office in Coleraine for a chat. To be honest at this stage I was a little unsure about how Riada worked but I thought it was worth the effort.

I went in the following day smartly dressed just to be sure I would make a good impression. I met Nyree in person. She wanted to meet with me to get to know me better. We discussed my career, where I would like to work, salary and I elaborated on my CV. After getting to know me Nyree was able to judge which roles would suit me best and what interviews to put me forward for. Not only did Nyree get to know me but I got to experience how Riada works, getting an insight into their business culture and meeting with them in person I was able to put faces to names. I felt much more confident that I would find a job, in fact I left feeling confident Riada would find me a job.

Nyree arranged an interview the next morning with with a local company as they had a role for a Marketing and Administration Assistant. Later that day Nyree called me with great news, the interview was successful. I met Riada on a Wednesday and was working by 9am the following Monday. I love my job and fit perfectly into their business culture.

You could be next! Riada has an extensive network of clients and specialist consultants to match candidates to the best possible position.

Three things I learnt about Riada that might help you...

  1. They listen to your needs! I was only available full time until September and then part time as I am Studying at Ulster University - The position needed to suit my timetable. My new job was full time all summer and reduces to 2 days a week when my course starts again. Perfect!

  2. They Care about Job satisfaction. My degree is Business Studies with a Specialism in Marketing I wanted a position to demonstrate my skills. Within my role I’m managing social media, writing blogs and meeting customers… all the aspects I wanted to do and had mentioned when I initially met with Nyree.

  3. Riada genuinely care about you! Riada wants to find you a job it's the reason they open their doors every day. Why not pop through there door in Coleraine or Ballymena. You don’t need an appointment, drop in for a chat.

Good luck

Jill xo

Riada - We Listen - We Search - We Deliver

This is only one success story about how Riada finds candidates the perfect position. Why not Register online and check out our current vacancies at RiadaResourcing.com and on our Facebook and Twitter, send in your CV to admin@riadaresourcing or give us a call to discuss your next opportunity - 028 7032 6600

- Team Riada -

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