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80% of Northern Ireland firms are affected by skilled shortage

Now is the time to invest in your recruitment strategy

According to the NI Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey for July to September 2018, 80% of Northern Ireland firms have been reporting difficulties in finding skilled workers, with the number of manufacturing companies highlighting highest demand for workers since 2011. Based on responses from 243 businesses employing 21,000 people, the survey reveals almost half of these companies believed difficulties surrounding sourcing staff were in fact slowing productivity and affecting growth year on year.

At Riada we believe that record demand for engineering, construction and IT professional roles are indicative of the economic growth reported across Northern Ireland in the second quarter of the 2018 financial year.

In today’s jobs market, vacancies across a range of sectors are on the rise with the number of roles available up 23% compared to last year. As Riada have managed nearly 650 job applications throughout October, we can see a rising trend of self confidence in candidates looking for career progression, seeking to find a role that enables them to use their individual skills set to full potential.

Our general manager Arlene McConaghie comments on the rise in applications Riada have experienced...

“September and October have been some of our busiest months this year and it’s great to see people wanting to better their careers, helping drive economic growth. Whilst a skills shortage has been reported in Northern Ireland, specifically in engineering & industrial workers, at Riada we are in contact with manufacturing professionals on a daily basis who are keen to secure a new role or promotion, and I firmly believe strong local connections & industry specific knowledge are key to the rise we have experienced in applications in the past couple of months.”

With candidate appetite picking up and job hunters remaining active across many of the nations key industries, if you’re looking to expand your workforce, now could be the perfect time to invest in your company recruitment strategy coming into the end of 2018, looking ahead into the new financial year...


Providing businesses with skilled workers in production & manufacturing industries, we can help drive business growth by sourcing a high quality pool of people through advertising, strong social media presence and local, long term connections.

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