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Recruitment Fake News, the True Story

Recruitment Myths Decoded

We have all come across some fake news. We regularly hear stories from candidates about how badly they have been treated by their last recruitment agency or employer.

We thought it was about time we got to the truth of the matter. This is how it works at Riada...

Do recruitment agencies take some of your wages?

No! You get paid an agreed rate for the work you do. Riada is contracted by the Employer to supply workers and gets paid an agency fee.

Why are Agency rates of pay low?

The rate of pay is set by the Employer, not the Agency! Riada negotiates the best rates of pay possible. Also with recent Agency Worker Regulations in place, after 12 weeks qualifying period you will get paid the same as a comparable employee.

Are you on your own with no support when you work for recruitment agencies?

Each worker will have their own consultant within Riada to support them and deal with any enquiries. All Riada agency workers are treated like one of our own employees! Riada has an out of office mobile for any emergencies too.

Why do I never get any response to my job applications?

This is the most common gripes from candidates. Sadly it’s often true, Agencies and Employers do get a lot of applications and it is not always possible to reply to them all. At Riada we don’t think this is good enough. We are putting steps into place to ensure all applications get some form of response regardless of the outcome.

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