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Stan’s Story - Made Redundant

How Riada can work for you...

I’ve been in the same job for 23 years… I was made Redundant.

The great unknown…What now?

My alarm went off at 7am. Usually I'd be getting ready and travelling to work. But today was different. Yesterday I was made redundant. For the first time in 23 years I was back on/in the job market. What was I going to do? How should I approach looking for a job? Were there roles for my skills? I had only ever had one job, did I have enough experience? I had to start somewhere so I googled jobs in my area. Riada popped up at the top of the list.

I recognised Riada because I recently liked their Facebook page and seen a part time role they had advertised. I sent them a quick message with my phone number and Leroy called me back and invited me to meet with him in the Ballymena Riada office. We discussed my previous experience, skill set and my availability and I felt much better. Leroy reassured me that my 23 years experience had value. After our meeting Leroy agreed to call me when he had a suitable position, it wasn't very long before he called. He had a position that was right for me. I am now working 10 minutes away from my house, I work a minimum 16 hours a week, sometimes more. This suits me down to the ground and the £150 a week comes in useful! Three years on I’m still very happy in my role.

Leroy explained that often when we leave a job we feel a sense of grief and are overwhelmed with worry about the unknown. It becomes easy to fall into inactivity. I’m glad I found Riada. I recommend you do the same.

All the best


Some advise to get you started...

  1. Set targets - By the end of the week I will have met with a Riada consultant and wrote my CV to take with me. Drop into Riada either in Coleraine or Ballymena or give us a call.

  2. Keep a positive mindset - Mind over matter don’t let stress or worry get on top of you.

  3. Shape your career story - Write a CV and in the time of unemployment make use of your time volunteer or start a project. This will show employers that you want to be productive.

Riada - We Listen - We Search - We Deliver

Take the next step to finding employment. We have job opportunities!

Why not Register online and check out our current vacancies at RiadaResourcing.com and on our Facebook and Twitter, send in your CV to admin@riadaresourcing.com or give us a call to discuss your next opportunity on 028 7032 6600.

- Team Riada -

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