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Guide to Onboarding

We have asked you to log into your Riada Profile to start Onboarding or Change your Details.

Follow the instructions below.

If you continue to have issues logging into your Riada profile, give us a call on 02870326600.

How to login

You will receive an email to 'Start Onboarding' providing two links. One to log in and the other to activate your profile.

It is important at this stage not to create a new profile. 

Login to your profile

If you have already logged into your Riada profile before (maybe to apply for a vacancy), go to this link and log in using the top right-hand icon

Mobile view >  


Desktop view >  


RiadaLogin-Mobile view.png
RiadaLogin-Desktop view.png

Login using your social profiles or using the email address the 'Start Onboarding' email was sent to.


If you cannot remember your password, you can always press 'Forgot Password'.

Activate your profile

If you haven’t logged in before, activate your profile will force you to reset your password then log back into your profile using the email address the 'Start Onboarding' email was sent to.  

Ask for help

If you continue to struggle to log in, call Riada on 02870326600 and we will reset your password for you.  

Start Onboarding

Using the top right-hand icon, go to ‘My Profile’ 


Using the top right-hand icon, go to ‘My Profile’ 


As per your 'Start Onboarding' email, you will need... 

  • National Insurance Number  

  • Bank details (take these from a bank statement, not a bank card)  

  • Copy of your P45 (if you have one) 

  • Pictures of your ID documents for each of the following 

    • Photographic ID (Valid Passport, Driving Licence or National Identity Card) 

    • Eligibility to work in the UK (current or expired UK or Irish Passport   or  full Birth Certificate plus official document with National Insurance Number) 

    • Residents Check (Proof of address by Utility Bill or Bank Statement dated within the last 3 months clearly showing letter head, your name, address and date) 


Take your time going through Riada Onboarding, making sure you read the important information, download any documents provided and enter the correct details. 

Connect your Social Profiles

To use Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin to log in, click on the top right-hand icon, go to ‘Change Login Details’ to link your social profiles to your Riada profile.  

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