Permanent Recruitment

Looking for your ideal candidate to fit your company culture? 


At Riada, our task is simple. To source the highest calibre of staff possible for you. More than anyone else we know that your staff are your reputation. Your good name and good will depend on the people who work for you, and the way they interact with your customers and clients. 


If you are looking to recruit someone who can transform your organisation, look no further than Riada.


Temporary Recruitment

If you need someone who is flexible about their working arrangement then we have just the solution for you. And it doesn’t have to be Harry Houdini to get you out of a tight spot. Don't be put off because you cannot commit to recruiting new permanent staff. We offer a service that enables you to bring in someone for a short term to boost your team and your expertise, it's often a great help. Tell us the problem and our Temporary Worker scheme will provide the solution. Whether it is to cover seasonal peaks, staff absences or sickness, a few days temp-working may make all the difference in the world.


Interim Management

Sometimes in business, you need a game changer. An expert who can step in quickly and make a real impact. Bring something new to the table. Something you don’t already have. Someone who can bring new ideas, a new perspective or just new enthusiasm. That can be enough to transform your organisation and revitalise the way in which you do business. At Riada, we have access to a reservoir of talent to deliver a cost-effective result. Brilliant business minds can be just the catalysts you need. We will spend time understanding the problem and find the best fit for your business.


Account Management

Let us be your Recruitment & HR Team. We appoint a dedicated individual to account manage all aspects of the contract and to be the sole point of contact for all recruitment requirements and issues.

We will advertise, coordinate ad response, shortlist and interview the workers through a recruitment campaign specially designed to your companies requirements including all pre-selection procedures (skills tests, qualification checks, etc) and carry out a detailed induction with all new starters – the best bit is this is all FREE.

You only get charged for the workers when they work. We also take care of all their payroll including Pension Contributions, Employers National Insurance and Holiday Pay.

When our workers are in place, we will have an on-site presence to encourage an ongoing open communication channel between managers, supervisors and candidates, oversee the management of all temporary workers, listen to any problems and provide solutions through our knowledge of people.


Let us be your Recruitment and HR Team.

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