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Benefits of being in a job you enjoy...

Do you love your job?

February is widely recognised as a month to focus on your health and well being . When we think of the connotations associated with being healthy, we instantly envisage physical choices such as eating a varied diet and exercising more. However, as the past 12 months have shown us, it is vital we take time to pause, stop and think about other aspects of modern life that can contribute to our mental health and happiness as well as physical well-being. Check out the Midweek Mindfulness workshops taking place throughout February in association with L/Derry Chamber, designed to give people the practical tools needed to take responsibility for their wellbeing and good mental health

Job fulfilment is something a lot of people strive to achieve over the course of their careers and this collective goal has lead Riada to investigate the advantages associated with having a role that you enjoy and are passionate about.

1.Happy equals Healthier.

When in a role you care about research has shown you tend to be happier and more productive. Regardless of industry or position type, generally our jobs tend to occupy a lot of our waking hours so it’s important to prioritise and ensure our work isn’t causing our well being any physical and mental harm. According to a recent study people with positive moods were 35% less likely to become stressed and have health complications.

2. Being challenged positively is better for our overall outlook on life…

If you enjoy your job then you are being mentally challenged in a really good way. Staying mentally alert at work not only keeps you energised and excited but keeps your mind focused and sharp. As you continue to grow and develop this will, in turn, further your eagerness to learn.

3. A good job opens up opportunities…

Having a role that supports your capabilities and ambitions makes you feel good which can attract you to others and open up new career possibilities. If you have an engaging and upbeat personality, a positive influence to everyone close to you, people will want to connect and network. The increased confidence gained with each interaction can open up bigger and better opportunities to build upon your personal brand. (Top Tip, make sure your online presence is strong and consistent ie on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profile pages. Our society is more technologically driven than ever before, so it’s important to ensure your personality is reflected in a positive yet professional level on social media)

The path to securing a job you love might seem very challenging as we navigate through our 3rd lockdown of the past 12 months, however Riada are here to help. We are committed to you and your career and can introduce you to leading companies across NI that are growing steadily and looking to enhance their workforce with ambitious, talented people. Register with us to open up your opportunities.

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