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Riada support fundraising for sandelford school

Updated: Apr 22

Riada Resourcing were proud to support their employee Daniel Bradley in his fundraising efforts for Sandelford School in Coleraine.  

As part of Riada’s commitment to community engagement, employees actively participated in the Business Fives corporate five-a-side football tournament held on Thursday, March 7, 2024. The event took place at Bay Road Soccer in L/Derry, where Daniel, team captain, played alongside his Riada colleagues and raised a total of £684.99.  

Sandelford School plays a pivotal role in the community, providing education for 150 students aged three to 19 years who have special educational needs. The school is dedicated to fostering a positive, productive and individualised learning environment. It supports not just the students but their families and staff as well, encouraging all involved to enhance their life and learning skills. The school’s influence extends over a 20-mile radius from Coleraine, highlighting its importance as a regional educational centre. 

Daniel Bradley, Riada Business Manager comments on the fundraising success....

” As a parent, I’ve experienced first-hand the incredible impact that Sandelford School offers my own children, fellow pupils and families. Sandelford School is a special place where young people who experience unique challenges to learning, are fully supported and encouraged to develop their life and learning potential by an incredible team of staff. 

The generosity shown by everyone will support general School funds that facilitate the range of specialised educational services on offer for the kids including Skills Based Curriculum, Strategies and Therapies e.g Sensory integration, hydro pool, lego based therapy, rebound therapy, visual aids, primary movement, attention autism and intensive interaction and Additional transport for easier community access. 

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and supported my fundraising efforts. Special mention to Riada Resourcing for facilitating the football tournament.” 


Riada actively engage with and incorporate the community in every aspect of their service offering. They do this by communication, involvement and collaboration, continually identifying shared interests to make better decisions and achieve valuable outcomes for people and business in the communities in which they operate.  

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