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Strategic Team Building for a Fully Invested Workforce

Unlocking Full Team Potential: The Ultimate Guide to 100% Employee Engagement

Securing full participation and 100% employee engagement is an ambitious goal, yet it becomes more attainable when you concentrate on team building activities that resonate with everyone in your organisation.

Riada Resourcing has managed to do just that! By closely listening to what their employees want and focusing on impactful activities ranging from a team bake-Off, Move for March health and wellness month to the introduction of wellbeing hours, allowing employees to use up to one hour of their normal weekly working hours to undertake activities to improve physical or mental wellbeing, they've set a new standard.

Team-building exercises are pivotal because they can break down barriers in the workplace, foster communication, and create a sense of community and understanding among employees. Discover strategies to leverage team-building activities for maximum engagement and find out how your company can adopt a comparable approach to cultivate a work environment that's both engaging and supportive.

1. Regular and consistent efforts

Employee engagement through team-building can't be achieved with a once-a-year initiative. Regular, consistent activities integrated into the normal workflow signal that engagement is a continuous priority. Monthly team challenges, weekly team-based sessions, or quick daily stand-up meetings to share successes can maintain and boost engagement levels.

2. Foster a sense of purpose

Align team-building activities with the company's mission and values. When employees understand how their work fits into the larger picture, engagement levels rise.

3. Encourage cross-departmental interaction

Use team-building activities to bring departments across multiple sites together. Activities that require cross-functional collaboration can encourage new relationships and provide fresh perspectives on common goals.

Top tip : Escape rooms, activities taking place in multiple locations connected via Zoom or Microsoft Teams or project-based challenges that require diverse skill sets can be particularly effective, especially in an organisation with many employees.

4. Provide leadership opportunities

Rotate leadership roles within team-building activities to give everyone the chance to lead and showcase their strengths. This approach not only helps in uncovering hidden talents but also boosts confidence and ensures that all voices are heard. It's an excellent way to recognise potential leaders and foster a culture of empowerment.

5. Focus on feedback

After each activity, gather feedback to understand what worked and what didn't. This shows that you value employee input and are committed to improving their experience. Use surveys, suggestion boxes, or informal chats to gather insights. Act on this feedback to tailor future activities more closely to your team's preferences and needs.

6. Celebrate success

Recognise both individual contributions and team achievements during and after team-building activities. Celebrations and acknowledgments can be as simple as verbal praise during a team meeting or as elaborate as an awards ceremony. Celebrating successes not only boosts morale but also reinforces the value of engagement and teamwork.

Achieving 100% engagement through team-building activities is an ongoing process that requires thoughtfulness, creativity and a commitment to inclusivity. By carefully planning and executing these activities with the entire team's interests and well-being in mind, businesses can foster a more engaged, cohesive, and productive workforce.



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