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Guide to Submit Timesheets

Once placed in a temporary assignment, you will be required to submit timesheets at the end of your working week (Monday-Sunday) to enable your Manager to authorise for payment by 10am on Monday. 

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How to login

Login to your profile

Click on this link and Log in using the icon in the top right-hand corner

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Login using your social profiles or use the email address that you have provided to Riada.


If you cannot remember your password, click 'Forgot Password'.

Ask for help

Call Riada on 02870326600.  

Help - Login To Your Profile
Help - Timesheet Portal

How to Submit timesheets

You can submit timesheets by accessing the candidate portal - Log in to your Riada Profile, where you will find the Timesheet widget on your Dashboard. 

If this is not visible you can access Timesheets using the icon in the top right-hand corner. 

To access the timesheets, click Incomplete/Not Submitted. 

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Click the week commencing date for the timesheet. 

Tip - If you are using a mobile phone, turn it horizontally for a better view. 

Begin by entering the start time, any breaks and end times for the shifts each day. You can also submit hours against overtime rates, if applicable. 

C Portal - Timesheet hours.png


Tip - You can also record details of any authorised expenses, including uploading files or scanned receipts. 

To submit the timesheet for approval, tick the box to indicate you wish to submit the timesheet for approval and click Submit Timesheet. 

Tip - Didn't work that week? Tick to indicate if no hours were worked this week. 

You will receive email notifications confirming the status of your timesheet.

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