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Guide to Login

This guide will help you log into your Riada Profile to update, make applications & more.

Follow the instructions below and if you need any further help with your Riada profile, give us a call on 02870326600.

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How to login

If you have received any emails from Riada, this means you already have a Riada profile. 

It is important that you do not create a new profile. Let's get you logged in...

Login to your profile

If you have previously logged into your Riada profile (maybe to register or apply for a vacancy), go to this link and log in using the top right-hand icon

Mobile view >  


Desktop view >  



Login using your social profiles or using the email address that Riada has been sending you emails to.


If you cannot remember your password, click 'Forgot Password'.

Activate your profile

If you haven’t logged in before, you may have been emailed a link to 'activate your profile'. This will force you to reset your password then log back into your profile using the email address Riada has been emailing you to.

You do not need to create a new profile.

Ask for help

If you continue to struggle to log in, call Riada on 02870326600 and we will help you.  

Help - Activate Your Profile
Help - Login To Your Profile

Connect your Social Profiles

To use Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin to log in, click on the top right-hand icon, go to ‘Change Login Details’ to link your social profiles to your Riada profile.  

Help - Connect Your Social Profiles

Job alerts

What is a Job Alert?

A job alert gives you instant access to view Riada jobs that suit you! You will receive an email notification of Riada jobs that you can apply for. ​You will only receive a maximum of 1 alert per day based upon your selected preferred industries and locations.


Update your Preferences 

Using the top right-hand icon, go to My Preferences to update your preferred industries, locations and to subscribe/unsubscribe.
Alternatively, email and we will update your profile for you. 

RiadaLogin-Mobile view.png
Help - Job Alerts
Help - Update your Preferences
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