New Start Information

What Riada Workers need to know

Make a good impression

Cleanliness, neatness & attention to personal hygiene are expected in the workplace.


Customer Service is of the utmost importance. Always be courteous, helpful and respectful to the general public.

Be dependable & responsible

Must be on time. 10 mins early to be ready for start time.


If unable to attend for a shift you must ring both your supervisor and Riada.

Do your job well

Always do your best and complete your work to your best ability.


Respect all managers and supervisors.


Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the work you are to do or where you are to work.

Be Discreet

Keep our clients business highly confidential.


Do not discuss with anyone but the person you are reporting to.


Be business like. Keep your personal business to yourself.

Social Media

Do not post or tag anything that is disrespectful. Ensure you are aware that your comments are positive and reflective of yourself, Riada and our client. If you are unhappy, discuss with Riada.

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Code of Conduct

As our worker, you represent Riada Resourcing, we expect you to be professional, conscientious and courteous. Doing a good job and projecting a positive image go together - you can accomplish both if you follow these guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

On the Job

Who do I report to on my first day?

This information is on your Assignment Details email along with all the contact numbers you will need.

If still unsure contact Riada Resourcing.


What hours do I work?

This information is agreed with your Manager/Supervisor.


How do I request time off?

  • Request authorisation for your Leave/Holiday from your Manager/Supervisor and then inform Riada Resourcing.

  • This must be received at least a week in advance to accommodate rotas.

  • Holiday pay cannot be used for a Sick Day.

  • Holiday pay is accrued based on the basic hours you have worked. 


What do I do if I can’t attend a shift?

  • If you are unable to go to your assignment due to illness or an emergency, it is imperative that you inform your Manager/Supervisor then ring Riada as soon as you know you will not be attending work.

  • (Riada have 24-hour cover – please leave a message).

  • This must be done before your usual start time.


What if I am unhappy in my job?

We want you to find working through Riada Resourcing an enjoyable and rewarding experience, however, should you have any problems or concerns of whatever nature during your assignment, please allow us to help you by promptly contacting your Riada consultant. 


What if I have a grievance?

Contact your Riada consultant on 028 7032 6600 and they will advise you.

Getting Paid

What is my rate of pay?

  • The rate of pay is on Assignment Details email.

  • Rates of pay may only be discussed with your Riada consultant.


How do I get paid?

  • Payment is made weekly in arrears (Monday to Sunday) directly into your bank or building society account via the BACS system. You can expect payment into your account by close of business every Friday.

  • Your payslip will be emailed and will show the BACS payment date.


How do I know if I’ve been paid?

  • You can check that you have been paid by first contacting your bank for confirmation that a BACS payment has been made into your account. 

  • Please note that checking your account using a bank ATM machine may not give up-to-date details, as the information is only updated periodically. In addition, some banks do not always update their records straight away so in order to confirm transactions, contact your bank directly.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that Direct Debits, etc are set up with consideration of payment into your account by close of business every Friday. Riada will not take responsibility for any charges occurred as a result of not adhering to this.


Do I need a P45 for the current tax year?

  • YES: Your P45 must be sent to your Riada consultant with signed Terms of Engagement (must be less than 6 weeks old, if so complete an HMRC Starter Checklist)

  • NO: You must complete a form, HMRC Starter Checklist and return with your signed Terms of Engagement.

  • Once received, the HMRC Starter Checklist will be forwarded to the Inland Revenue to enable them to calculate the correct tax code and send us a notification of your tax code. It can take between up to 6 weeks for the Inland Revenue to notify us.


What if I change my Address, Telephone number or Bank Details?


Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

  • You will have access to collective facilities whilst on the assignment that other employees doing a similar role have access to, such as car parking or the use of the cafeteria.

  • You will have access to information on job vacancies with the client what your assignment is with.

  • After you have completed 12 qualifying weeks in the same assignment you will be entitled to the same pay as a comparable permanent employee (where applicable) and you are also entitled to equal treatment with regards to working time, rest breaks, night work and annual leave.

  • On completion of the 12 qualifying weeks (i.e. 12 continuous working weeks in the same assignment), we will email you outlining your new entitlement in relation to pay, annual leave, etc.

Work Place Pension

  • If you are over the age of 22 and if you meet the eligible criteria, you will be enrolled with our pension scheme provider, NEST Corporation.

  • You will receive a NEST Welcome Pack in the post.

  • Please refer to the pack for further details.

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Useful Phone Numbers

Riada Coleraine  028 7032 6600

Riada Ballymena  028 2563 1555

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