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Riada turns 18...

Did you know we are celebrating a special birthday this year?

As young adolescents, the excitement and anticipation of your 18th birthday is hugely significant. It’s an age highlighting maturity & life experience, enabling you to take charge of your own decisions. When 18, choices are made in regards to studying, working & travelling that can impact your future immensely and this year team Riada are celebrating our very own birthday…

In late 2000, Riada Resourcing (Riada Recruitment as it was then known) was established by Frances Lundy in Union Street, Coleraine. If you cast your mind back to the start of the noughties, the time really was influential in the humble beginnings of many companies that would go on to change our social and economic cultures. Brands such as Blackberry, Amazon and the Apple iPhone were established during the mid 2000’s, enabling us to connect globally using online platforms. Alongside new forms of technology arose social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter. With an abundance of channels to communicate on, countries across the globe were now interconnected in a way never before seen, inspiring the Riada team to grow our brand and branch out in new, exciting directions.

As we celebrate 18 years in the recruitment industry, it’s given us reason to look back on how our success was driven and where we aim to be in the future. The Riada Resourcing team have worked extremely hard to form long lasting relationships with both clients & candidates. We have anticipated industry trends, recognised social habits and have continued to grow our business through expanding our team of recruitment specialists, enhancing our online brand and delivering on expectations.

Managing Director Frances Lundy comments…

“It really is a celebration for everyone involved with Riada that we have reached this pivotal point on our journey. 18 years in recruitment is something myself and my team are extremely proud of. When I returned home from living & working in Australia, I knew the positive work life balance Northern Ireland had to offer its working professionals and I wanted to help people gain employment at the beginning of the new millennium, which was still benefiting from strong economic growth seen in the 1990’s. Thank you to all our clients and candidates, new and long term for their support. We aim to continue to deliver on your expectations and provide a wealth of recruitment industry knowledge to you in the future.”

Here's to the next 18 years!



We look forward to welcoming new clients and candidates to our business, expanding our outreach across Northern Ireland and forming long term relationships similar to those that have been instrumental in our business growth up until now.

To reiterate Frances’ sentiments, thank you and we will continue to use our industry knowledge and expertise to help drive your career or business growth...

Team Riada


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