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Its time for 'the big stay' movement...

Updated: Apr 15

The term "Big Stay" refers to a trend where employees are increasingly choosing to stay in their current roles for longer periods of time. This is a shift from the Great Resignation movement we have been experiencing since 2020, during which an unprecedented number of workers left their jobs in search of higher pay and better benefits, greater work flexibility, improved work-life balance, and opportunities for career progression.

What's fuelling the Big Stay in 2024? Several factors are contributing to this market shift:

Economic uncertainty

  • In response to economic downturns or uncertainties such as inflation, slow economic growth, or fears of recession, employees might opt for the security of their current positions rather than risking a move to a new employer this year.

Burnout recovery

  • Some theories suggest that after the initial wave of resignations, those who have switched jobs might now be settling into new roles that better fit their personal and professional needs.

Improved workplace conditions

  • In reaction to the Great Resignation, many companies have taken significant steps to improve working conditions, increase flexibility, enhance benefits, and pay more attention to employee well-being and career development. These improvements could be encouraging employees to stay longer at their jobs.

Labor market

  • The labor market continues to adjust post-pandemic, with varying degrees of demand across different sectors. High-demand sectors might still experience movement, whereas others have stabilised, leading to fewer transitions.

Generational influences

  • Different generational attitudes towards work also play a role. For example, Millennials and Gen Z might prioritise meaningful work and life balance more than Gen X and Baby Boomers, influencing their reasons to stay or leave.

Strategic career moves

  • Employees are possibly becoming more strategic about their career moves, preferring to upskill or reskill in their current positions to prepare for better opportunities rather than leaving without a clear path forward.

The Big Stay movement captures a notable shift in employee behavior in response to the evolving economic landscape and labor market. It underscores a period where workers are possibly valuing stability more, and employers are perhaps doing more to retain talent, which could lead to a more stable but competitive job market.


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