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How To Beat Common Recruitment Challenges in 2020

You want the 'nice to have skills' and candidates who meet your essential criteria but how do you find them? In our latest blog we will explore how partnering with the right agency to do the hard work for you can completely transform your overall recruitment process saving you time, money and bringing the best candidates directly to your door. Here’s how:

Marketing team

Hiring new staff for your business can be immensely time-consuming, creating pressure for your team who already have their day to day workload to prioritise and complete. An effective recruitment agency will do the work you don’t have time for. Riada’s 20 years of industry knowledge, strong marketing and coordinated ad response ensure that targeted, eye catching job adverts are created to rank highly in the searches your potential candidates are making. Utilising a multi - channel approach, our marketing team are able to reach average monthly audiences of over 30,000 across Northern Ireland, driving applications from the right calibre of people.

Access to new talent

Due to the competitive nature of the job seekers market in 2020, people are increasingly coming to recruitment agencies rather than applying directly to advertisements, in order to open up their opportunities and find the right position for them. The pool of talent that Riada are in regular contact with, is invaluable. We have over 82,000 talented individuals registered with Riada across a variety of industries including Accountancy & Finance, Construction, Labouring & Trades, Agri, Marketing & IT. Our recruitment team speak to all our candidates, know their skills and work experience, ensuring we are well placed to match the right people to your job vacancy.

Screening process

We understand you need to meet people who are not only well-qualified for the job but who also fit with your vision and company culture. With an average number of 237 new Riada candidate registrations every week, our team shortlist and interview every worker through a recruitment campaign specially designed to meet your companies requirements including pre - selection procedures (video interviews, skills tests, qualification checks, and more ) We carry out a detailed induction with all new starters for free, alleviating administrative procedures for your business.


Are you struggling to find the time to screen, shortlist and interview candidates for your business? Or perhaps you have very specific requirements and are unable to find the right calibre of people?

Riada can help, send an email to or give our team a call on 028 7032 6600 to arrange a confidential consultation.


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