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Gary Thompson...From Riada Temp to Sales Director

Gary, how does International Men’s Day positively influence you?

International Men’s Day gives everyone of us an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and take part in a global conversation – men who make a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of others. Raising awareness about mental health, wellbeing and support services available for people is essential in and out of the workplace and I support my employees, candidates and clients with this in mind every day.

What motivates you?

People...there is always something you can learn from the people around you and I try to remember this every day. I’m a very competitive person and like to set a good example for my family to be proud of and work colleagues to look up to.

Many men today take very active roles in parenting alongside their careers. What advice would you give to them on achieving a strong work life balance?

It’s not easy balancing work and home, but I find how well you manage this can make a big difference to everyday life. The most game-changing advice I’ve gotten is this: If you’re truly going to act on your priorities, you need to dedicate time to them. Getting into a routine each week and making some time for what matters to you really does help you achieve a work life balance you’re happy with.

What influenced you to pursue your chosen career in Recruitment?

My first summer job was actually with Riada as a temporary worker ... I got to learn about the recruitment industry and absolutely loved the buzz about the company - it was from there I started to think I could be on the other side of the business. Connecting the right person with the right role for them is just an amazing feeling....I thrive when I'm given the freedom to develop my Sales Director of Riada I’m determined to keep driving the business forward and establish Riada as true leaders within the recruitment industry.

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to progress their career or someone just starting out in theirs?

The best advice I could give would be to learn from others and most importantly, work hard! Whether you’re making those early decisions around choosing a career or changing your career path, having confidence in your career choices is something you can learn and build on. Career confidence allows you to weigh up the risks and rewards of your choices and make the right decision for you.


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