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Giving back is at the heart of Riada...

Riada Charity Caring Caretaker

On Wednesday 12th December 2018 team Riada braved the elements and helped David Boyle, ‘Caring Caretaker’ in his 20th annual sit out in the Coleraine town centre. Since 1998 Mr Boyle has raised well over a half a million pounds, donating to approximately 40 Northern Ireland charities and this year proceeds will go to the Children’s Heartbeat Trust, the Alzheimers Society, the neonatal unit in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and Charlene’s project. Frances Lundy, MD said,

“I started Riada in 2000 in 90 Union Street – my aim then was to work with local people and businesses, build companies and careers. As they grew, so would we. Nothing’s changed! 18 years later we are lucky enough to be in a position to give back to our local community. This year the team chose to support Davy’s Santa

sit out...”

Riada are committed to giving back to our local communities and were delighted to be asked to be a part of the annual Christmas fundraising campaign in a landmark year, as Mr Boyle aims to surpass £600k in total raised over the last two decades. Our team took it in turns to wrap up warm and help raise money and as David Boyle comments, he enjoyed the company and the help from all our consultants...

“I want to thank all the Riada team who came out to support the charity Santa sit out on means a lot to me that local people and companies put their trust in me each year to deliver for local causes & I aim to continue the tradition for many years to come..."


Give us a call 028 7032 6600.

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