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Predictions for Leaders in 2021 - what might you have to face?

Office verses Working from Home

There has been much debate about whether the workplace in its traditional form is a thing of the past; some argue that, after the revolution in remote working from the last 12 months, businesses will see the financial sense in not returning to a costly physical space. Others believe that this simply isn’t the case, and that workers will want to return in full force. A surprising 99% of respondents to a CBRE survey in December 2020 stated that they see value in returning to the workplace in some form, whether it be for mental health benefits or social interaction.

Environmental Impact

2020 was a landmark year for a reduction in business’ environmental and carbon footprint. With a progressively younger workforce stating that environmental issues are an ‘extremely important factor’ in their choice of employers, 2021 may well be the year that we see companies hinging some of their success on their environmental impact.

Further merging of home and work-life

2020 saw a key change in what is considered to be professional. For the first time, worker’s lives and working personas were intertwined. This made having a disruptive personal life not only acceptable but celebrated and acknowledged in company policy. Flexi-time was introduced for those struggling to balance the two, whilst care and mental health have been key talking points that look set to continue into 2021 and beyond.

Shift in skill requirements

The key skills required for varying positions may well be drastically different, with an emphasis on soft skills, transferable skills and specific skill-sets. After a milestone year for change in many industries, the development of key talent in new areas of growth will become a key talking point as we progress into the new year, and new decade.

Are any of these something you are currently facing as a manager at the moment? Get in touch with our team if you would like a confidential chat.


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