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Riada Resourcing Boosts Employee Well-Being and Productivity with Funded Charity Programme

Riada Resourcing have put in place a Health and Wellbeing Action Plan to prioritise the health of their staff.

Pictured, Aoife Loughran, Workplace Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke, with Clare Budd and Aimee Patterson from Riada Resourcing.

Riada Resourcing, a recruitment agency with offices across Northern Ireland, has recently trained a number of qualified ‘Health Champions’ to roll out the strategy through the free programme ‘Work Well Live Well’ which is available to workplaces across Northern Ireland in all industries.

Delivered by leading local charity Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke (NICHS) and funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA), the programme aims to help workplaces improve employee health and wellbeing through personalised support.

NICHS collaborates with organisations to conduct health and wellbeing surveys, develop tailored three-year action plans and strategies, and offer access to training, webinars, resources, and networking opportunities—all at no cost.

Arlene McConaghie, Managing Director comments “Riada Resourcing’s decision to join the Work Well Live Well Programme was a strategic move aligned with our broader organisational goals. This initiative is integral to our commitment to enhance and support employee wellbeing, foster a supportive work environment, and boost productivity by proactively addressing health and wellness.

“We recognised the need to strategically emphasise and embed health and wellbeing throughout our business model, ensuring that our staff had comprehensive access to resources that support and develop their physical, mental and emotional health. The Work Well Live Well programme aligns with our commitment to not only improve individual employee health but also drive collective organisational success.

“Through our involvement in the Work Well Live Well programme, Riada has successfully certified four Health Champions within our organisation. These Health Champions play a crucial role in motivating, advocating for wellness and guiding our employees toward making healthier lifestyle choices.

“So far, our participation in the Work Well Live Well Programme has involved a range of learning activities designed to equip our health champions with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the health and well-being of our staff, including, stress management and mindfulness training, nutritional and physical health training, financial wellbeing and Mental Health First Aid training.

“Since qualified, the programme has inspired our Health Champions to organise a variety of company-wide events such as sponsored beach walks and participation in corporate charity football matches, engaging our team in physical activity while supporting charitable causes. We also held a ‘Move for March’ fitness campaign and invested in an employee fitness app, Oopla, to encourage increased physical activity among employees. We have distributed Sleep Kits to employees to help improve sleep quality, a vital component of overall health. We launched our ‘Value VIP’ initiative, a peer recognition scheme where employees commend colleagues who exemplify our company values. We also held a company wide Riada Bake Off competition.

“Riada are currently participating in the ‘Walk 100 Miles in May’ campaign for Cancer Research UK. Arlene continues, “Riada Resourcing is deeply committed to the wellbeing of our employees. In 2024, we introduced Private Healthcare for all staff members, providing them with access to enhanced range of UK healthcare services. These initiatives demonstrate our dedication to creating a supportive and healthy workplace environment, supported by the Work Well Live Well Programme.

“The most significant benefits of the Work Well Live Well programme have been a noticeable improvement in employee health outcomes, and improved employee morale and enhanced productivity. There’s also been a cultural shift within the organisation towards prioritising health and wellness, which has contributed to a more positive workplace atmosphere and stronger team cohesion.

“Our aim is to continue building a culture of health and wellness that supports every employee. By investing in health and wellness, we hope to not only improve individual well-being but also foster a work environment that attracts and retains top talent.”

To other businesses considering signing up, Arlene says, “Riada would highly recommend Work Well Live Well. The benefits of investing in employee well-being extend far beyond improved health; they also include enhanced employee engagement, productivity and overall culture. The programme offers a range of resources that can be tailored to meet diverse needs, making it a valuable addition to any organisational strategy focused on people.”

Emma McCrudden, Work Well Live Well Programme Manager at Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke says; “As a local charity, our mission is to prevent chest, heart and stroke conditions and support people affected and our vision is a healthy Northern Ireland free from chest, heart and stroke illnesses. We recognise that the workplace is a priority setting for influencing the physical and mental wellbeing of employees and the PHA funded Work Well Live Well programme which we deliver, helps to promote good health in workplaces across Northern Ireland to prevent serious illness in the long term.”

“Riada Resourcing is a great example of a workplace which wanted to make a positive change and put staff health first. The initiatives put in place by Riada Resourcing staff have been a great success and have made a real difference to the health and wellbeing of the team.”

“We are now recruiting new workplaces to take part in the programme and would encourage organisations of all types and sizes to get in touch to find out how Work Well Live Well can help them.” For more information and to register for Work Well Live Well, visit

NICHS’s vision is a healthy Northern Ireland free from chest, heart, and stroke illnesses. Established in 1946, we work with people of all ages across the country, delivering vital care and prevention services, supporting ground-breaking research and campaigning for change. Today, as many as 470,000 people in Northern Ireland are living with a chest, heart or stroke condition and we are committed to supporting them. With almost 90% of our work being funded exclusively by public donations we need your help to continue to help thousands of local people and their families rebuild their lives.

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