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Top Tips For Job Hunting at Christmas

In our latest blog we discuss the benefits to starting your New Year job search this side of Christmas and best ways to find a role that is right for you...

Take advantage of the 'candidate market'

A candidate-led market is, in short, when the number of vacancies outweighs the number of people searching for employment. With December 31st generally marking the fiscal year-end, companies are now looking at their hiring budgets and planning their recruitment requirements for the next 12 months - reach out to the Riada team today discover who is hiring and roles available!

Beat the January rush and get your CV in early!

52% of people aged 16-24 look for a new job in the New Year with 32% of people hoping to find a new job in January. Starting your search now will allow you to beat the crowds. Many job seekers choose to take a break from their search over the Christmas period, meaning less competition during December. Get ahead and increase the odds of shining through as a star candidate by registering with Riada.

Take time to update and refine your LinkedIn profile: hiring managers need to get the latest and most relevant information about you. By updating your social media presence at Christmas, you may get noticed quicker due to less competition throughout the holiday season.


During this festive period, turn your social meetings/gatherings into networking opportunities: you may build relationships and hear about new and upcoming roles.


Want to secure a role that is right for you in 2023? Get in touch with our specialist Recruitment Consultants today - Part & full time, remote, hybrid and in office roles on offer.


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