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What To Do Now You've Graduated?

Congratulations, you’ve graduated...what's next?

You’ve spent the last few years studying for your degree, completed your exams and handed in all your coursework. Now, it’s time to have a think about what you want to do in this next exciting chapter in your life.

Not knowing what you want to do after graduation can be daunting and with so many graduates also looking for work, competition for top jobs can be tight! We have put together some tips to help you boost your graduate employability!

Register with Riada

Getting in touch with the team at Riada Resourcing could help you to tailor your CV, move through the application process and secure the ideal role for you. We will introduce you to potential employers and job opportunities. Our business is about you and your career and we work hard to be the best so you can achieve your ambitions after university. Did you know you can register with us using your social media profile? Click here.


Create a LinkedIn profile. This professional platform is not only great for networking with existing contacts, such as classmates, colleagues and tutors but will also allow you to engage with potential employers and companies in your chosen field.

Did you know that LinkedIn hosts more than 600 million professional profiles. From seeking a graduate job to maintaining your personal brand, using LinkedIn is an important part of being a full-fledged professional in any industry these days.

Networking at events such as job fairs are also a great way to meet potential employers, recruiters and fellow job seekers. Make sure you collect as much information as you can from these events – visit our website to check upcoming events Riada are attending!

Social Media Clean-up

A social media clean-up is an essential part of your preparation for graduate job applications. What you post online becomes part of you and your personal brand. Potential employers can check candidates personal social media accounts to gain more insight into your opinions and lifestyle. Your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts will be their first impression of you.


  • Review posts that do not show you in a positive light and revise your personal blog

  • Review abandoned social media sites

  • Ensure your LinkedIn is up to date

  • Think before you post

Consider Temporary work

You may feel under pressure to find that perfect job straight after graduation, but sometimes taking the time to seek advice and do your research will be of benefit in the long run. Getting temporary work while you explore your options is a great alternative to jumping straight into a graduate job.

If you are hired for a temporary job, this does not always mean a short-term job. Temporary jobs are a great way to open new doors into a specific industry where companies typically like to retain their temporary workers if they make a good impression and work hard.

Temping may also allow you to gain experience within a variety of organisations, from large corporates to small local businesses, helping you decide what type of business is best fit for you. It’s a great way to ‘get your foot in the door’ when you find a company and working culture you truly connect with.


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