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  • Before your interview find out everything you can about the company i.e. visit their website.

  • Re-read your application, thinking through your own work history and the questions they might ask you.

  • Demonstrate to the interviewer you are technically qualified to do the job.

  • Show that you are motivated and can add value to the company.

  • Dress smartly for the interview and ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your interview time. 

  • At the interview be yourself and highlight your abilities.

  • Prepare general questions to ask.

  • Leave the company with a good first impression.



  • When you are being interviewed it is very important that you give the right impression.

  • Look attentive and show your interest in the company.

  • Maintain eye contact and smile.

Points to remember

  • Be prepared – you will feel more confident.

  • Speak positively about previous employers. 

  • Communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Always be honest 

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