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5 Great Reasons to get a Summer Job

So a long hot summer stretches ahead, endless things to do, trips out, dinner with friends, some online shopping with ASOS, Topshop or maybe Xbox or Steam….sound idyllic?

Is this the sort of summer you want to be able to afford? Its totally within your reach with a Riada summer job, we place over 300 young people every year, working around 20 hours per week in great jobs earning on average £150 and that’s just reason number one. Here’s some more great reasons…

Earn some cash We’ve already mentioned this, who wouldn’t want to earn over £150 per week for working part time, meeting people and having fun?? It’s a no brainer….

Boost your CV Here at Riada we get 100’s of CVs every week so at a quick glance we can spot someone with good sound experience and work ethic which our employers always look for. A Riada summer job is a great way to build your CV and gain valuable experience in an easy and flexible way without giving up your whole summer.

To brush up your CV here's some handy tips.

Get job skills Living on the North Coast we are lucky enough to have a growing Tourism and Leisure industry with new businesses popping up every year, the opportunities available locally are an envy to the rest of Northern Ireland.

So don’t waste your opportunity to get some experience of interviewing and, once you have the job, of working with different people and developing your teamwork skills.

At Riada we simply love taking the quiet, sometimes shy teenager, training them, giving them a job and watching them grow in confidence, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our job.

Some of our workers have even turned their summer jobs into full-time, long-term, career. Riada could very well have the perfect job for you too. Here's some job skills for you.

Find out what you like to do It’s hard to know what you want to do until you have a go. How are you expected to know what you want to do for the rest of your life until you try it? Summer jobs offer the opportunity to try out new skills and experience new possibilities. This helps you make choices around your next move, whether its A Levels, further education or something to add to your personal statement. Sometimes it prompts a complete change of career direction and at the very least will help you get your next role.

Make friends and have fun After all summertime is all about having fun and making memories. A summer job allows you to meet new people, make new friends and sometimes practice the school language you think you will never use, as well as getting paid. Because Riada summer jobs are part time you will still have plenty of time to go to the beach. It’s a win win.

So now you have 5 good reasons to get a summer job.

We’ve got Jack using his GCSE French at the National Trust Giant’s Causeway, Peter taking tours around Bushmills Distillery, Michael gaining new skills as a waiter with the added bonus of £tips, Emer meeting the riders at North West 200 in the sun and Jayne spending her summer in Ballycastle helping to run the kids summer scheme.

That’s 5 more reasons! If you are curious and want to know more about your options, drop into the office, give us a call, email us or message us on Facebook, we still have summer jobs available!

Whatever you decide, have a great summer!

- Team Riada -

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