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Back to school - back to work

Nothing says goodbye summer and hello Autumn like the back-to-school season.

When growing up, back to school gave us an opportunity for a fresh start - we got back into routine after summer vacations, formed new friendships and were given the opportunity to learn new skills and achieve new goals.

As a new school year starts, working professionals should tap back into that powerful relaunch/ reset mindset. Here are five ways working professionals can incorporate that back-to-school energy in their working lives this Autumn.

  1. New schedule. Take a look at your calendar and ask yourself, could your time be better spent this season compared to pre summer holidays? Can you reorganise your model working day so it allows time for for planning, ticking off items on your to do list and ensures you take adequate time for lunch? What would your ideal working day look like?

  2. Form new connections. We all remember the nerves we experienced as we walked back into school after summer break, reconnecting with new friends and making new ones along the way. As we head into Autumn, think about networking and relationship building - why not attend more in person events or reaching out to somebody new on LinkedIn?

  3. Refresh working set up. Consider refreshing your home/ office working setup with practical additions like an appropriate chair or blue light glasses. Also consider additions that bring you joy like new water bottle or a great pen/ notepad!

  4. Sleep. It was always key to get a good nights sleep before the first day of school. New research in the field of sleep psychology shows that sleep isn’t just “rest” for our body; it's also a form of “active recovery” for our brains. So consider prioritizing sleep this back-to-work season by having a wind-down routine, like reading, journaling or putting your devices away at least an hour before bed.

  5. Healthy Eating. Taking just 30-second “micro-moments” of self-care during the workday can significantly increase both our performance and our job satisfaction according to new reports. Imagine what 30 minutes of a lunch break could do to help you reset for a productive afternoon ahead. Riada Resourcing has successfully put in place unique ways to improve staff health, including Sunday staff sea dips, as part of the workplace wellbeing programme, Work Well Live Well, delivered by Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke. Find out processes we have introduced as a business to improve employee wellbeing.

Let's bring back to school back to work with us.

**statistics according to Forbes.


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