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Face your job hunting fears this Halloween 2023...

Are you unhappy in your current role? Perhaps you’re in-between jobs—or even just starting out in your job search? Putting yourself out there can be hard and few people enjoy taking interviews, negotiating salaries or waiting to find out if they have secured a role. Riada are sharing some strategies to help you overcome the most common job hunting fears this Halloween season.

1. Focus on your strengths.

Finding the ‘right’ career path regularly comes up in coaching conversations and some might fear committing to one field or one role. Many may feel anxious that they are making the ‘wrong’ choice. In reality, all experiences can be useful if you use them as learning.

2. Create a plan.

Break down your job search into manageable steps and focus on completing each step as quickly and efficiently as possible. Be open to explore options rather than finding the ‘perfect’ job right away. Remember there are many potential right choices just waiting to be found. Visit our website to discover your new role.

3. Network.

Connect with people in your field, attend virtual career fairs, and join online groups on LinkedIN to get helpful advice and gain access to job leads. Although it sounds scary, networking has been proven to be a great way to land a job.

4. Research employers and positions that interest you.

Learn as much as you can about the companies and roles you are interested in to make sure they align with your goals and values. Reach out to recruiters. Schedule informational conversations / calls with recruiters in your industry to get an inside look at the job market.

5. Stay positive.

Remember that your job search is a marathon, not a sprint. Celebrate the small victories and keep moving forward. Use the mindset that will help you focus on the learning you have had and the opportunities that are in front of you, rather than on the things that could go wrong or the fear of facing rejections. You might have not done well at your last interview, but you got to the last stage of the application process. Why not look at the progress you have made since your last application when you were not even shortlisted? These are all small victories and it is no trick that you should celebrate the little successes on the way.


If you’re struggling to overcome fear in your job search, the good news is that there’s plenty you can do to reframe your thinking. Start by speaking to the Riada team for confidential career help and guidance.


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