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Why Live in Northern Ireland?

We’ve got at least 3 great reasons…

As part of our Relocate with Riada campaign we have committed to bringing you all the best reasons to relocate, this blog will concentrate on living here. To be honest some of the people we meet don’t want us to tell anymore people, they want to keep it secret. They love that they can send their child to the local school which is often world class without a waiting list. They love that even though wages are sometimes lower than the national average, so is the cost of living. And they love that the population although small at 1.8 million is one of the youngest in Europe.

When your local school is simply the best

Northern Ireland’s education system is among the best performing in Europe. According to a recent major survey, Northern Ireland is the best performing education systems for primary maths in Europe, and the sixth best in the world. For primary reading it is the second best in Europe. Some 75 per cent of school leavers go to further and higher education. Supporting these academic achievements are two world leading universities, Queen’s University of Belfast and the University of Ulster. Imagine not having to worry about getting into the right school or even worse have to pay for the privilege.

A young vibrant population With a population of 1.8 million people, Northern Ireland’s population is one of the youngest in Europe, with 55 per cent of the population under the age of 40. The people of Northern Ireland are also among the happiest in the United Kingdom, with Fermanagh recently identified as the happiest place in the UK.

If you still need convincing, here’s what Owen McClean has to say…

“Having been away for almost five years working in Australia and New Zealand, countries in which the economies are booming, and career opportunities are endless, I was still excited by the prospect of returning home to Northern Ireland and pursuing a career on home soil. There seems to be a real feel good factor around Northern Ireland again, with more and more opportunities available, and the economy slowly but surely finding its feet again over recent years. I firmly believe we will continue to see a rise in numbers of people returning home, with their skills and experience learnt abroad only proving to strengthen the workforce here in Northern Ireland. It is definitely an exciting time to be working in Northern Ireland, and having experienced life in countries which are regarded to have some of the highest qualities of life in the world, I honestly don't think we're too far behind them. We just need to sort out that weather!“

Some facts for the craic...

  • Under 16s in Northern Ireland make up almost 25% of the population – that’s more young people than anywhere else in the UK

  • The sun shines more than you think, on average 1450 hours that’s over a third of a year

  • In fact it rains less than Scotland and 50% less than the Lake District

Move to Northern Ireland

- Team Riada -

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