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Daily journeys to & from work on average over 2 hours or more for Northern Ireland commuters…

Are you looking for a better work life balance?

Sitting on the train with your coffee in hand, headphones in, laptop out and the daily workload has begun before even reaching the office. Many of us dream of not having to add an extra couple of hours onto our morning and evening routines, but past circumstances such as employment shortages, job locations and career aspirations mean that for an increasing amount of people, the daily commute is unavoidable and something to be tolerated.

According to a new report from TUC published in September 2018, the number of employees with daily commutes to and from work of 2 hours or more has increased by almost a third over the past 5 years in the UK. In fact, people in Northern Ireland have experienced the biggest rise in commuting times, followed by people living in the South East and then East of England.

Arlene McConaghie, GM, has noticed a surge in the number of professional organisations recruiting for higher salaried roles across the country, not just in our bustling cities and believes there are a lot more opportunities closer to home, allowing commuters to have a better work life balance…

“Having worked in recruitment for nearly 10 years, I am pleased to say I have noticed a considerable difference in the number of professional occupations Riada are being asked to recruit for across Northern Ireland as a whole in 2019, especially in IT, Office Services & Production Engineering industries. It's so important to strike a balance between work & family life, so permanent job opportunities closer to home are a welcome relief for commuters who are wanting a change... ”

Long commutes have become a part of the Northern Ireland working culture, with excessive time spent travelling one of the main factors contributing to work life balance issues. The 9-5 culture with its peak travel times generates congestion and as a consequence, increases stress for commuters.


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