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Find quality of life and Work in Northern Ireland

You are only ever an hour away from anywhere

Well maybe 2 hours but that is still nothing compared to some commutes. Working in Northern Ireland means you have the choice of living and working in a city or large town or living in the country or by the sea and commuting. However commuting NI style is a bit different as you would expect, it could be 2 hours in a car, but it could be an hour on the train from the coast or a tranquil drive through the countryside on your way to work to get your thoughts together for the day ahead. It’s a small country but the varied locations and hidden gems of companies that are often literally in the middle of nowhere is amazing. They are achieving world class results and often leaders in their sector, they simply chose to base themselves in NI because they love it. With 4 airports and only a few hours to Dublin, you are able to easily access anywhere in the world without having to go to London to connect, but if you do it’s only an hour away.

The Economy is thriving Northern Ireland is also becoming an increasingly attractive location for many international companies to invest in, and this, alongside a vast array of indigenous, innovative firms across numerous industries, make Northern Ireland an exciting and growing economy. Building on the region’s rich industrial heritage Northern Ireland’s economy continues to perform well in the current economic climate. Outside of London, Northern Ireland is the leading UK region for attracting inward investment as reported by InvestNI. Belfast is the world’s top destination city for financial services technologies investments. This success has led to over 800 international companies employing in excess of 75,000 people. Expenditure on research and development, and levels of entrepreneurship are on the rise.

Your salary will buy you more

You will read reports that tell you it’s cheaper to live here but those of us that do, don’t think of it in those terms. When we compare ourselves to other countries and cities we realise that our cash simply goes further, if you are on the property ladder you might be surprised at what is available to you here plus going out for a bit of craic, a national pastime, costs less too.

Here are some examples and a handy comparison link...

We asked one of our top consultants, Gary Thompson to give us his view to help you decide...

"So far 2016 has been a challenge, some of Northern Ireland's long established businesses have closed which has been painful for those involved but there are some amazing young, innovative, growing businesses filling the gap. Moving with the times has never been more important, our clients in the engineering sector know this more than most, they continually make huge investments to drive efficiency and in turn this drives us to search for the very best talent. Meeting the demands of business in the 21st century requires, more than excellent qualifications, our clients want experience, knowledge, proven track records, drive and enthusiasm and that’s just to get an interview. Standards are high in Northern Ireland but we have lots of great opportunities, if you are only thinking of moving here give me a call."


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