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3 Reasons to Move to Northern Ireland

Have you heard the Northern Irish accent is officially the sexiest again, our cities are top destinations to visit and our tourist attractions are booming and we haven’t even mentioned James Nesbitt (Jimmy around these parts), Jamie Dornan or Game of Thrones.

A few of the Riada team recently exported their kids over to University in England and Scotland, all the calls home are full of stories about how coming from Northern Ireland is ‘so cool’ which is a pleasant surprise to us all.

Don’t get us wrong we love it here and it appears more people are starting to realise it too, so over the next few weeks we thought we would bring you a series of blogs on the three top reasons to move home and start a campaign to get back the talent we have been exporting for years.

We are calling it Relocate with Riada.

We will explain what it’s like to live here now, why you will want to work here, how to truly enjoy living here and how you can build a brilliant life in Northern Ireland.

Whether you live in Australia or America, England or Scotland... If you would like to hear more and join our campaign to bring the talent home, or share with someone you know, click on the buttons below.

Relocate with Riada - Move to Northern Ireland

- Team Riada -


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