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2021 Hiring Trends

Forecasting 2021 hiring trends still remains somewhat of a challenge, given the unknowns surrounding the economy at this moment in time. Based on our recruitment drives for NI businesses across the province over the past year, Riada have discovered 3 key trends worth noting.

Working from home

Working from home is definitely set to continue. In January alone this year Riada have been asked to support the recruitment efforts of companies seeking to hire Cloud Support Managers, Software Developers of all levels, IT analysts and more. Riada are helping the IT & Technology sector in Northern Ireland hire quicker, upskill and discover new talent due to our fully operational video interview & screening processes, innovative sourcing techniques and consistent marketing.


Driven by companies needs to know their numbers and create cash-flow projections

Riada are seeing continued growth within the Accountancy and Finance sectors, with new requests from our business community seeking experienced Accountants, Payroll Officers and Finance Analysts.

Demand for engineering workers.

According to a global survey of hiring professionals conducted by job board operator Monster Worldwide, 40% of employers expect to continue facing the engineering skills gap, with a third saying they believe the skills gap has in fact increased over the past 12 months. Our engineering team continues to deliver long term recruitment solutions to our business community by regularly supplying assembly & production operatives, machine operators, joiners, warehouse workers and welders.

As we navigate throughout 2021, let’s learn from the resilience and resourcefulness that has got us this far, refocus and drive forward. If you’re noticing similar trends within your business and would like to have a chat about future planning, get in touch with Riada.


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