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5 Job Hunting Strategies you need to know...

When beginning your new job search, it's important to have job-hunting strategies in place so you have more outlets for finding your new career opportunity. Looking for a new job can take time, making it important to try different methods to ensure the process is as smooth, efficient and valuable for you as possible. By using job-hunting strategies, you can continue to progress in your career and move on to better opportunities.

  1. Get networking. Many people find jobs from people they know rather than traditional methods like job boards. Talk to family and friends, register with a recruitment agency like Riada to find out new opportunities on offer that suit your skills and experience...

  2. Attract employers. Consider getting potential employers to come to you. Post your CV on job boards that include a cv database where employers can reach out to you and on social media sites like LinkedIN. LinkedIn is the top professional platform, with over 875 million members from 200 countries and regions worldwide. In fact 52 million users look for jobs through LinkedIn weekly so it is definitely a valuable platform to get yourself noticed on.

  3. Target companies. Look at the organisations which might make a good employer and hone in on them. Check out employers 'careers' section of their website to find out more about their company culture, employee benefits, environmental and social strategies to help you make an informed decision.

  4. Remain positive. We all get a few knock backs when looking for work. Don't take it personally if you aren't successful at interview - with a record 779,100 people in Northern Ireland now in employment according to latest market statistics, there are job opportunities across all occupational areas in Northern Ireland.

  5. Be the first to know... Be the first to find out about new jobs by registering with Riada. We will introduce you to potential employers and job opportunities that match your skills, experience and ambitions.



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