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Autumn Is A Great Time To Start Your Job Search...

23rd September marks the first day of autumn in 2022.

Regardless of which industry you are looking to move into, Autumn can be one of the best times to pursue a career change for a number of reasons - let's explore these reasons and how you can find your next new job.

1. Summer and 'holiday season' are over

September not only marks the start of a new Autumnal season , but also signifies the second busiest time in recruitment after the new year rush that is typically seen in January.

2. More jobs available

September, October, and November are good times to job hunt because they statistically have more job posting numbers compared to the yearly average, according to analysis carried out by LinkedIn. With more companies hiring, you will have more opportunity to find a job you’re really passionate about. In fact, Riada have advertised 26% more job vacancies in September 2022 alone compared to August. View here.

3. Secure a job before the 'New year' rush...

Companies very rarely post new jobs during December due to the festive season. Since Q4 is shortened with the Christmas break, the third quarter is a great opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. Business picks up during the autumn in a way that is only similar in January, but at the start of the year, you’re competing with a tidal wave of other candidates who are looking to switch roles. Autumn is a golden opportunity to take the step you might have been thinking about about during the summer break, and Riada are here to help you do just that.


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